Teeth Cleaning in Naples

Regular Cleanings Are Important

Teeth cleanings are essential in maintaining good oral health. In order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, it is important that you have tartar, plaque, and debris removed from your teeth at least once every six months. Tooth decay and gum disease can lead to bone loss; procedures such as fillings, crowns, and root canals; and tooth loss.

For most people, getting your teeth cleaned is a relatively painless process. Initially, the first cleaning will take some time. If you follow proper oral cleaning standards, subsequent cleanings will not take as long. Our expert Naples dentist has been providing dental care since 1998, so you can trust that we are experienced and knowledgeable. Teeth cleanings can provide you with a fresh, clean feeling and a gleaming smile.

To have our gentle dentist in Naples perform your teeth cleaning, call Smiles by Hale at (239) 319-4059.

What Happens During a Teeth Cleaning

During a teeth cleaning, our compassionate Naples dentist will perform the following steps:

  • Use an ultrasonic instrument that emits vibrations to knock away bigger particles of tarter and wash them away with a stream of water
  • Use small hand tools to scrape away tartar and plaque
  • Polish the teeth
  • Apply a fluoride treatment

If at any time during the cleaning you find that the tools are causing you pain, tell our skilled Naples dentist. We will take the steps necessary to make sure you are comfortable, including doses of nitrous oxide, numbing anesthetic, or topical anesthetics. The pain could be caused by sensitive gums or exposed dentine.

Kids Need Teeth Cleanings, Too

It is good to start positive oral health habits at a young age. As soon as children start getting their teeth in, they can start seeing our Naples dentist. By introducing your children to the dentist and starting teeth cleanings when they are small, you will eliminate the fear of the dentist that they may possibly develop. We are always happy to see young faces in our Naples dental office.

Be sure to avoid gum disease and tooth decay by having your teeth cleaned by Smiles by Hale. To make an appointment, call us at (239) 319-4059.

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