One of the reasons people avoid dental visits is because of concerns about the possible discomfort. At Smiles by Hale, we understand that and offer unique approaches to pain control in Naples, Florida. We want to ensure that every part of your visit with our dentist and team is as pleasant as possible and that you have a great experience at our office. For more information, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Thomas Hale, please call our office at 239-593-0880.

Do you hate needles? Most people do! We use the VibraJect® system to make the injection of local anesthesia easier and more comfortable. The VibraJect device attaches to the syringe, which causes the needle to vibrate at an extremely high frequency. Because you can feel the vibrations, your brain focuses on those and not on the injection. In some cases, you may not know that you have had a shot! Now, if you need a filling, root canal or even an extraction, you can have confidence that your visit with us will be as comfortable as possible.